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Gathering of Masters in New Jersey, April 12-13

✅ Incredible instructor line up for the 2024 ShinMoo Gathering of Masters!

1.5 Days of non stop Hapkido training from a seasoned group of Masters teaching select portions of ShinMoo Hapkido. This event is open to all rank Hapkido practicioners! 🔥

Confirmed Instructor Line Up Includes:

- Stuart Rosenberg - Anu Hapkido Kwan

- Dr. Ian Cyrus - Yu Shin Hapgi Mu Yae

- Frank Croaro - Shin Yong Do

- John Godwin - SinMoo TangSoo

- Dr. Ramfis Marquez - Jung Shin Kwan

- Oscar Romero - Korea SinMoo Hapkido

- Scott Yates - Shin Ki Kwan

➡️ Only 50 Spots Available! More info here:

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